Efficient and reliable
building surveying for 
residential housing

Group Four offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry for building permits, occupancy certificates and building inspections. And we offer a high level of customer service and compliance too.

Building surveyors in Melbourne and Perth

We simplify the building process for volume residential builders in Melbourne and Perth. We provide fast applications and same day on-site inspections and approvals.

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You will get your building permits and certificates fast

Building permits can be processed in 5 days and Certificates of Design Compliance (CDCs) in 48 hours via our online portal.


same-day inspection results guaranteed and at a time that suits you (vic only)

We have the largest fleet of in-house, qualified building inspectors in Victoria which means you can choose a time that suits you.


you will be kept informed at every stage

We communicate faster with builders than any other surveyor. Receive your inspection results and a phone call the moment we finish your inspection.



When it comes to building, communication is key. We make sure we’re here for you when you need us. Keeping you up to date with compliance and training so you’re able to move swiftly through the building process.


Training and advice
on continuous improvement

We proactively look for ways to help you deliver a quality result. We offer tailored training programs for your staff designed to improve the quality of your work and to keep you updated with the latest industry changes.


We have a strong relationship with Group Four because of their commitment to high service levels, fast response times and communication.

They train our staff to ensure that together we are delivering the best results for our clients. We get positive feedback on the quality of our work which is crucial to our business and credibility. Read More »

We’ve been working with Group Four for many years now because we find their level of service and professionalism sets them apart from other surveyors. They have the capacity, the capability and they take their business very seriously.

We’ve built a good relationship with Group Four over the years but ultimately they’re representing the interests of the customer. Read More »

Group Four are a great team to work with – they’re friendly, professional and technically savvy, which is exactly what we need. I enjoy our relationship and I’m always happy with the quality of work we’re able to produce together. They have a real commitment to customer service, quality outcomes and making things easier for us. Read More »

I am writing to express my gratitude to Group Four for the support and guidance you gave me in constructing a house built of shipping containers! I am close to 72 years in age and on the Age pension. I say age is no handicap and l now have a beautiful house to prove it. However it would not have happened without Group Four and particularly Dara. Her warmth and enthusiasm pulled me over the line. Read More »

Anne Rittman - Homeowner

The service from Group Four has always been great, we have been working together for approximately 18 years, whenever we have needed support the team have always been happy to assist any way they can. On-site training is provided for our construction and admin teams so we can both continue to grow.
One of the main reasons we continue to use Group Four is they work with us to reach compliance.

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