They’ve missed a spot: the difference between mandatory inspections and quality control.

Increasingly, Building Surveyors are answering the question “why are you not inspecting to ensure that the finish of the house is in immaculate order?” Of course, everyone would like their house to look like what they see on “The Block".  However, it is not the Building Surveyor or Building Inspectors role to ensure that the finish of the house is perfect. Building Surveyors are responsible for checking that building projects meet the minimum standards of the building regulations. Stages the Building Surveyor is Involved There are 3 key stages where the surveyor will play a major role in the build: [...]

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5 Reasons to Consider Liveable Housing Certification

Liveable Housing Australia (LHA) is a set of design principles that make homes more liveable over the lifetime of the occupant, seeking to improve accessibility and movement around the home. There are three levels of performance that can be achieved, Silver, Gold or Platinum. To achieve the base Silver certification, the home must meet at least 8 of the 16 different design criteria. It is thought the 8 core design elements do not necessarily accommodate all occupants, however they deliver the most widespread benefit. You can read the 8 core design elements, download the Guidelines here. To help understand more about Liveable Housing, [...]

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Understanding the role of the building surveyor

When you hear the words Building Surveyor, the image of a land surveyor often gets conjured up. This is probably because a lot of people don't know what a building surveyor is! There's an outdated belief that the council still issues building permits, when in fact most permits are issued through a Private Building Surveyor. Before we explain the importance of a building permit, lets start by understanding the role that the building surveyor plays in the construction industry. What does a Building Surveyor do? Building Surveying is a key force in terms of legislating the building industry. The Building Surveyor is responsible for issuing your building permit. [...]

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