We offer the full range of mandatory and non-mandatory building inspections across greater Melbourne and parts of regional Victoria including Geelong, Gippsland, Traralgon and Mornington Peninsula.


Your homes built sooner

We have our own large team of building inspectors in Victoria, which means we can get more inspections done and when you need them. Choose Group Four as your building surveyor and you can schedule inspections to suit your construction timetable, allowing you to stick to your schedule.

Helping to deliver satisfactory homes

Our inspectors are all Registered Building Inspectors who take pride in enforcing the standards. We conduct regular in-house training with our inspectors, and we’ve established a stringent internal review process so your inspector will always be aware of the latest legislative and industry changes. This means that your homes will be built to the Australian standards.

We conduct mandatory and non-mandatory inspections

Mandatory inspections are a legislative requirement for all Victorian homes. Your builder may also request additional non-mandatory inspections for your home.

The 4 most common mandatory inspections for a residential property that occur throughout the building cycle are:



We make sure the concreter has cut the soil as per the engineer’s plans in preparation for the foundations of the house. We also check that the footing is able to support the load bearing of the house, and that the soil is compact enough and ready for the steel reinforcement to be laid.



We check that the steel reinforcement for the concrete slab has been laid correctly by the concreter. The concrete slab is then placed over the reinforcement.



We inspect the frame including all aspects like trusses, bracing and nailing and make sure that it has been put together according to the engineer’s design.



This happens just before the owner moves in; we make sure the house is suitable and safe for occupancy. We check for things like whether the windows have safety decals installed and that smoke detectors, balustrades and overlooking screens are installed.

Get your results faster

Site managers and Construction Managers will receive ongoing communication and support throughout the inspection process. They will receive an SMS the night before the inspection with the details of your booking as well as a phone call and email after with the results. The builder will be able to access our portal at all times and view their jobs and results. And we guarantee that occupancy permits and certificates of final inspection will be issued on the same day, provided all documentation has been received and the work has been approved.

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