We are building inspectors and building surveyors in Melbourne. We work with volume residential builders to make sure your newly built homes are safe, energy efficient and compliant with building regulations.

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great building surveying

Your homeS built to the highest Australian standards

Our Building Inspectors in Melbourne conduct all mandatory inspections of your homes at every stage of construction. Our Building Inspectors make sure it’s built according to the Building Permit and Australian regulatory standards. We’ve worked on thousands of houses and our inspection quality and record of compliance is exemplary. Read what our happy clients have to say.

compliant building surveying

Your project will be compliant with the latest industry changes

We conduct regular training for our building surveyors on building regulations and other key areas. Our team makes every effort to stay on top of regulatory changes that may affect your designs. We also conduct training and workshops for our clients who want to improve their compliance and upskill.


A fast, simple and stress-free building process

We provide some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Your teams can use our user-friendly online portal to apply for a permit and then download the building permit the same day it’s issued. Construction teams can login and view inspection results, make a booking or view directions. We’re constantly updating our portals based on your feedback to make them blend seamlessly into your workflow.

qualified inspectors

You won’t have to wait for service

We have the biggest fleet of qualified inspectors in the state, and we cover a vast area including outer Melbourne, Geelong, Traralgon, Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland. You can get a booking at a time that suits and expect same day turnaround of results once an inspection takes place. Having in-house inspectors means you’ll also get a consistently high standard of work and communication throughout the project.

customer service

YOU’LL always know what’s going on

Communication is key to a successful build, which is why we pride ourselves on being able to communicate faster with you than other surveyors. Our online portal means you can access the information you need in seconds on any device. You receive an SMS the day before inspections and a phone call immediately after to go over the result.

cheap building permit

Competitive pricing

We are on par if not cheaper than other surveyors out there yet we still manage to uphold high service levels.

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