You can download forms related to building permits here.

What form do you need?

Used by building surveyors throughout Victoria, the forms come straight from the Building Regulations 2018.

Form 1 is a building permit application form. However, we actually have an online application system, so we don’t actually accept this form. If you’d like to apply for a building permit with us, you’ll need our online portal. Contact us for a login.

Protection works forms 7 and 8 are only required if  the building surveyor determines you need protection works. This basically means, you need to take steps to protect your neighbours property while you’re building. Your builder will usually help you through this.

The Appointment Letter confirms that you have chosen us as your building surveyor. In Victoria, the owner gets to choose their own building surveyor. So, you can appoint us and the builder acts on your behalf to organise the building permit and mandatory inspections.

If you need any advice on how to use the forms, please contact us.

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