Occupancy Permit

As a last check for we complete the final inspection. For any homes in Victoria you will need to get an occupancy permit or OP (also called an occupancy certificate) from a registered building surveyor before you’re able to handover to the client.

If you are doing an extension or alteration, you will need to apply for a certificate of final inspection.

What’s in the occupancy certificate or permit?

When our building inspectors conduct their final inspection, the main things they’re checking for are:

  • waterproofing and whether there’s any caulking missing around a wet area
  • missing balustrades
  • gaps in brickwork
  • gaps not being sealed around doors and windows.

Final inspection for your safety

The occupancy permit guarantees that your homes are built to the National Construction Code’s (NCC) standards. So you have the peace of mind in knowing that it’s safe for your customers and their families to move in.

Guaranteed same-day delivery of your occupancy certificate

If our building surveyors are happy that the finished home is compliant with all building regulations and the building permit, you will get their occupancy certificate back the same day (provided you’ve given us all the necessary paperwork).

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