Why Group Four

We Simplify The Building Process For Builders and Home Buyers

As building surveyors and building inspectors, we work with volume builders and home buyers to make sure new homes are built to the correct standards.

We do more than just issue your building permit, we work with your builder to improve building practices as a whole. So, not only are they benefiting from improved turn-around times but they are receiving on-going support and training in compliance. Our services deliver building permits and certificates fast, so that your builder can get on with their job of building houses.

We have offices in Melbourne and Perth

Are you a home buyer or builder in Melbourne?

Here’s why you should choose Group Four building surveyors

Are you a builder in Perth?

Here’s why you should choose Group Four building surveyors.

more benefits of working with us:


You will get your building permits and certificates fast

Building permits can be processed in 5 days and Certificates of Design Compliance (CDCs) in 48 hours via our online portal.


same-day inspection results and at a time that suits you

We have the largest fleet of in-house, qualified building inspectors in Victoria which means you can choose a time that suits you.


you will be kept informed at every stage

We communicate faster with you than any other surveyor. Reports and permits are available to download the day they are created. Our cloud-based software means you can access the information you need in seconds.



Communication is key, that’s why we’re always available when you need us. We take pride in our solution orientated approach and providing guidance and training in compliance.


Training and advice
on continuous improvement

We proactively look for ways to help you deliver a quality result. We offer tailored training programs for building teams, designed to improve the quality of work and to keep you updated with the latest industry changes.

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