Building Permits

A building permit is a document from a registered building surveyor that indicates that your building plans comply with the National Construction Code (NCC). The NCC sets out the technical requirements for design and construction.

What’s in your building permit?

After we’ve checked your plans, we issue the building permit. The permit outlines important information such as which mandatory building inspections are required and whether you need an occupancy permit.

We check things like:

  • your smoke alarms are in the correct places
  • your setback (the position of your house) is correct according to your council’s guidelines
  • there are windows in appropriate places and that they’re not overlooking neighbours’ properties.

The building surveyor will also look at all your property services information and make sure everything is in order. For example, if your house is in a bushfire or flood-prone area, they will make sure your engineer and draftsman have accounted for that in their designs and that it fits into planning scheme requirements.

The date on the building permit is also important. Your build must start construction within 12 months of the permit being issued and be completed within 24 months of receiving the permit.

You need a building permit to start building

If you don’t get a building permit you will be in contravention of Section 16 (1) of the Building Act 1993 which carries a penalty of up to $72,180 for individuals, more if you’re a company.

As long as the plans are compliant we are able to issue a building permit.

What if there are problems?

If we do find any problems when we do our plan assessment, we advise you immediately. Our assessment items will be listed on the online portal with the document they relate to, making it simple to amend. Some of the most common examples of problems are to do with the site, for example the setback or position of the house and whether windows or balconies look into a neighbour’s house or smaller things like the position of smoke detectors.

We will work with you to come up with a solution fast, so you can send through amendments and resubmit the application. Once the problems are resolved, we will issue the building permit.

Our goal is to make sure your plans are all in order so that you can start building sooner.

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