The National Construction 2019 Preview was released on 1st February with changes coming into place from 1st May 2019. Download a free copy from the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).

At Group Four, we predominately use the NCC Volume Two which impacts Class 1 & 10 construction. So far, these are the changes we’ve identified as the having the most effect on new home construction:

  • Masonry has made its way back into the NCC, whilst still needing to comply with AS 3700 OR AS 4773.1 & AS4773.2
  • Acceptable construction practice for Steel Framing has been removed from the NCC. Refer to the NASH Standard.
  • Changes to Fire Safety, namely the Fire Resistance Level (FRL) Section Details. The ABCB have now nominated ‘a wall may terminate not less than 200mm from the underside of a non-combustible roof covering. The area between the external wall and the roof covering must be sealed with a non-combustible fascia, gutter or flashing.’
  • Changes to Energy Efficiency rating. A 6 star energy report must now separate heating and cooling load limits using Energy Rating Software. Energy Deemed to Satisfy (DtS) must also include energy saving features such as thermal breaks and compensation for down lights.
  • New clause: Earth Retaining Structures must be designed in accordance with AS 4678 Earth Retaining Structures. Engineers will be required to reference this Australian Standard on Certificate of Compliance Form 126 (including Dual Certification).
  • Verification for Natural Light, Natural Ventilation and Energy Efficiency

Our State Manager for Permits, David Madeira and State Manager for Inspections, Tony Moussa, are attending an ABCB seminar in Canberra. Providing them with up to date knowledge of the new provisions.

Are there any important new provisions you think we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments section on our Linkedin.