To issue building permits relating to housing projects developed by the Department of Human Services (DHS) a building surveyor must be accredited with DHS. David Madeira, registered building surveyor at Group Four, has recently received his accreditation to issue permits for new dwellings operated by Human Services. The accreditation provides professionals, including building surveyors and inspectors additional knowledge to audit and assess fire risk.

The Victorian Government is working in partnership with all facets of the construction and development industry as well as local councils and community service groups to deliver new dwellings to the social housing sector. An initiative called ‘Homes for Victorians’ is in motion to address the issue of housing affordability and supply. As population increases, demand is created within the rental market, making it unaffordable for many Victorians. The social housing system has received a boost in funding with approximately 6,000 new social dwellings to become available including new builds. This initiative is over a length of time with 913 new properties over the next few years and upgrades to existing properties.

If you’re currently constructing houses for DHS or looking to in the future, we’d be happy to work with you. Contact us today to discuss.